05 October 2018 

This guideline is intended to provide education and awareness on the proper ways to:
1. diagnose hypertension
2. assess and investigate a patient with hypertension
This guideline is intended to provide evidence on the:
1. optimal management of a patient with hypertension
2. latest therapeutics on subgroups of hypertensive patients
This guideline, however, does not cover:
1. strategies for hypertension screening
2. strategies to reduce population blood pressure
Clinical Questions
The two major clinical questions to be addressed in this Guideline include:
1. What are the current best practices in the management of a patient with hypertension?
2. How can hypertension management be done in tandem with the overall strategy to manage global vascular risk of a patient?
For further detail, please refer Appendix 5.
Target Population
This guideline is to be applied to adults (including the elderly and pregnant women) and children with hypertension. It is also applicable to hypertensive patients with various concomitant clinical conditions.
Target Group
This guideline is developed for all levels of health care providers involved in the management of hypertension in adults, elderly, pregnant women and children.